Words from the CEO

The Atid Plus Foundation has raised the banner of promoting children and teenagers from the socio-economic periphery in Israel

For this purpose, since its foundation, Atid Plus labors to improve the educational achievements of many students in Israel, alongside their enrichment and exposure to innovative scientific-technological fields and to ethically mold their personalities.

Atid Plus constitutes a warm home and a fertile ground for knowledge, creation and initiative for many children, teenagers and young people, who have participated and are participating in the diverse programs and projects existent in the Voluntary Association.

We at Atid Plus understand that activities performed for the achievement of these important goals constitute a significant and challenging process. We believe that striving for excellence and achievement, in conjunction with great investment and ethical doing that comes from the heart, will advance the children and teenagers, for whom Atid Plus operates, to new heights within the Israeli society.

Daniel Kobler, CEO, co-founder of “Atid Plus”

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