The Atid Plus Centers

The technological advancement and innovations centers
of Atid Plus

The technological centers of Atid Plus offer an advanced and innovative learning environment within a start-up ambience and with the inspiration of the high-tech world.

These centers offer a unique and cutting-edge learning environment that includes: interactive learning spaces, smart classrooms, advanced 3D printing laboratories and more. So far, three innovation centers have been established, on different locations in Israel. The courses and programs carried out at the centers put an emphasis on a qualitative training level and an excellent initiation ratio of a single teacher (or instructor) per maximally 10 children.

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Introduction to Programming courses and Advanced Programming courses.



The course deals with the development of projects that provide solutions for existent real world needs.



The Mechatronics course combines several fields from the world of engineering: machines, electronics and software.


Products’ design and engineering

The course’s students learn how to design products and consequently how to manufacture them using innovative tools.

Meshek-Tech (Tech-Farm)

The Atid Plus’s “Agri-Tech” Program combines entrepreneurship and technology with the
traditional agricultural activity that has been practiced in youth villages for many years. The
program provides the students with knowledge in various technological fields, such as
Digital Sketch, Logics and Software, Microcontrollers and more.

The program also includes the course “Thoughts Create Reality”. This course accompanies the students on their journey of creation and development of innovative projects and provides them with a “tool kit” for personal empowerment – equipping them with values and skills that are well-adjusted for the challenges of the 21st Century.

Excellence at the Atid Plus Centers

Striving to promote children with high potential, Atid Plus has created a unique and outstanding Excellence Program. The Excellence Program’s goal is to lead its students towards an academic, scientific and technological education, pave their way to holding key positions in the tech industry and make them the future leaders of society.

The program is constructed of several layers:

Tracking towards extended matriculation in mathematics and scientific subjects – beginning from the 9th grade
Constructing a bridge to technological military units
Participation in the technological entrepreneurship program that includes a connection to the industry
Enrichments in universities, science institutes and high-tech companies