The children of Atid Plus won the first places in the VOLCANIVATION Competition organized by the Volcani Institute

Tens of schools from across Israel responded to the initiative of the Volcani Institute. 18 schools reached the final stage, among them the “Ayanot” and “Kannot” Youth Villages – whose products have reached the first places.

A child cannot be steered toward a certain profession – but he can be given tools for thought and solution.

Atid Plus promotes initiative and technological education. Programing, design, engineering products and much more, using the most advanced technology, being held these days in “Ayanot” and “Kannot” youth villages.

Producing a different education

Atid Plus provides accessibility to scientific and technological education and to reduce the social gaps in Israel.

Children and teenagers create and produce at the centers of Atid Plus

A peek at the technological innovation centers of Atid Plus.

Developments made by students: “Waterless” irrigation

the 9th grade students from the “Kanot” Youth Village have won the first place in the “Water Challenge” Competition. The device accumulates moisture and dew and thus irrigates the plant.

Daniel Kovler, Atid Plus CEO, interviews on Israeli Talk Show "Hot Morning" on Channel 2.